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Stained or discolored teeth might not be a sign of decay, but they can still have an impact on your life. Patients may even feel uncomfortable smiling around people, which can impact their quality of life. With our professional teeth whitening in Rialto, you can get your smile back on track. Our safe and effective whitening options can clear our even tough stains, restoring your smile to a more radiant aesthetic. This simple and straightforward treatment can give your teeth an immediate boost after even a single visit. Baseline Dental Care is here to help you get the smile you have been dreaming of.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

A walk down the dental care aisle in any store will show you a range of teeth whitening kits and supplies. Unfortunately, these rarely are effective and some of them can even be damaging to your teeth, especially if used incorrectly. However, our teeth whitening provides a quality alternative that allows you to lighten teeth and remove stains in a professional environment and with an expert’s care.

All the dental treatments are carried out using latest equipment & technologies to ensure best results.
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We provide several teeth whitening options at our office in Rialto. We even have treatments that focus on patients who may have more sensitive teeth but still want to get their teeth looking brighter. Our goal is to provide options that match your individual goals and situation, delivering an optimal outcome for every patient. Call us today to learn more about this safe, affordable, and lasting way to give your smile the boost it needs.

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All the dental treatments are carried
out using latest equipment & technologies
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Is Teeth Whitening for Me?

Teeth whitening can be a life-changing treatment for patients with stained or discolored teeth. With a brighter smile, many patients report boosts in confidence and overall feeling better with their appearance. It is important to remember that this is purely a cosmetic treatment, though, and any decay or damage would need to be addressed separately.

Additionally, some discoloration is simply too resistant to respond to teeth whitening. However, you still have a way to brighten your smile in these cases. We also offer patients dental veneers, which are a surefire way to cover up even the most discolored of teeth and get your smile looking superb.

Call us today to schedule your appointment with our cosmetic dentist and learn more about our teeth whitening! We work closely with each patient to find the ideal way to get their smile looking its best. Whether you have minor discoloration or major stains, we will find a solution for you.

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After Your Treatment

It is important to remember that newly whitened teeth can stain more easily for a brief period. So we recommend taking some extra precautions for some time after your treatment. Usually, this simply means sticking to your daily oral hygiene routine and avoiding food or habits that can stain your teeth. This includes:
  • Smoking
  • Stain-causing foods
  • Tea & coffee
  • Dark juices
  • Wine
  • Or anything else that looks like it might stain your teeth

While it would be ideal to avoid these altogether, it is at least vital to avoid them for a few days so you do not compromise your results. We know it can be too much to ask our patients to give up coffee at least in such a busy world. But cutting back can noticeably slow any returning stains.

While professional teeth whitening should last for several years, they can still stain again over time if your lifestyle involves such factors. Fortunately, you can always come in for another treatment to get your teeth back to their bright look.

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Why Choose Baseline Dental for Teeth Whitening?

Baseline Dental is committed to providing top-of-the-line quality for all of our treatments. We hold ourselves to the same standard of excellence for routine and special treatments alike, always prioritizing the patient’s comfort, goals, and results. For teeth whitening, we only use the latest products while also providing an affordable approach to make this treatment as accessible as possible. We believe cost should never stand in the way of a patient getting the smile they deserve.

We also offer a range of options, so that we can match each patient with a treatment best suited to their needs. From extra sensitive options to extra strength whitening, we have a level of treatment for a range of patients. Combe this quality with our cosmetic dentist’s 15 years of experience and the result is countless improved smiles over the years.

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The sooner you tackle stained or discolored teeth, the sooner you can enjoy having a smile you love. Call us or use our online form to book your appointment today and learn more about how our teeth whitening in Rialto can get you the smile you have been dreaming of. Don’t let stained or discolored teeth keep you from loving your smile!

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