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4 Ways Bridges Improve Your Smile

Broken, missing, chipped, or cracked teeth can be repaired in a number of different ways. When you visit your local office of cosmetic dentistry in Rialto, your experts may recommend one treatment in particular: Dental bridges. Let’s look at 4 ways bridges improve your smile.

4 Ways Bridges Improve Your Smile

But what exactly are dental bridges? How many teeth can dental bridges replace? What are the biggest benefits of getting dental bridges? If you are like all of our Baseline Dental Care patients, you want to know more about this innovative procedure. Below, your Rialto dentist will explain what bridges are and the top 4 ways bridges improve your smile and overall quality of life.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are made up of crowns that attach to your teeth with a cement-like substance. These bridges are recommended for people with large gaps between their teeth or who want to avoid serious oral health problems such as malocclusion and tooth gaps. Candidates for dental bridges are typically:

  • Missing teeth can cause problems in chewing, biting, and swallowing.
  • You may have several missing teeth in one row
  • Tooth damage can cause pain in the jaw and mouth.
  • Looking for a cosmetic solution to improve your smile?

Your dentist will create custom-made crowns and bridges by taking a mold of your mouth during the dental bridges procedure. The bridges will then be attached to the teeth and any gaps filled. There are many types of bridges that can be used depending on the number of teeth you want to replace.

Dental Bridges: 4 Big Benefits

Why choose bridges over dentures or dental implants? Bridges are still a popular option because they offer a faster and more affordable alternative to other cosmetic dentistry procedures. There are many reasons why patients continue to invest in this type of restorative dentistry procedure, including:

Treat Multiple Missing Teeth at Once

Dental bridges can replace one tooth, but they are more commonly used to replace multiple teeth. Based on the condition of surrounding teeth, such as gums or neighboring teeth, people who have one to four missing teeth may be good candidates for dental bridges. It is usually completed in just one to two visits. There is no recovery time.

Improve Your Patterns of Speech

Your speech can be restored to its normal state with dental bridges. You may have noticed a change in your speech patterns after you have lost a tooth. It can be hard to communicate with gaps in your teeth. Dental bridges can help you restore your regular speech and strengthen the structure of your jaw.

Retain Your Unique Facial Shape

The gap between your two teeth can naturally close without a dental bridge to keep this space open. As a result, the surrounding teeth will cave inward to fill in the gap. This can lead to misalignment or permanent damage to your teeth. Dental bridges can be installed to keep your facial shape and structure intact.

Boost Your Self-Esteem!

Tooth loss can make your face look older and cause bunching. A missing tooth can also affect the beauty of your smile. Bridges can improve your facial shape and give you a youthful, more healthy appearance, which will make it easier for you to feel confident when smiling for a picture or posing in front of the mirror. You deserve to feel your best self – both inside and out.

Get Custom-Made Dental Bridges in Rialto

Dental bridges are a way to support your missing or damaged teeth. The longer you wait to restore your mouth’s function, the worse your dental health will be. It doesn’t mean you have to suffer from an inability to swallow, chew, speak or smile for the rest of your life.

Instead, consider investing in dental bridges in Rialto to greatly improve your oral health. To learn more about dental bridges, schedule a consultation with our experts today!

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