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Implants Versus Dentures

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Many people face the necessity of replacing missing teeth at some point in life. In modern dentistry, there are a few options available that can solve this problem. The most common ones are implants and dentures. Often, patients wonder what would be the most suitable option for them and what aspects to consider when making … Read more

Is It Too Late for Gum Treatment for Me?

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If you have lost some of your teeth as you got older, or you have intense gum pain that doesn’t get better over time, you might be dealing with some of the more serious symptoms of gum disease. While gum disease is extremely common, it needs to be treated as early as possible to prevent … Read more

4 Ways Bridges Improve Your Smile

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Broken, missing, chipped, or cracked teeth can be repaired in a number of different ways. When you visit your local office of cosmetic dentistry in Rialto, your experts may recommend one treatment in particular: Dental bridges. Let’s look at 4 ways bridges improve your smile. 4 Ways Bridges Improve Your Smile But what exactly are … Read more