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How Many Shades Whiter Are Teeth After Whitening?

concept of teeth after teeth whitening from dentist

Professional grade teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures as it instantly enhances the appearance of your smile. Not only does the procedure make the teeth whiter, but it also helps with staining and discoloration. Some patients also report an improvement in their quality of life due to feeling more confident about … Read more

Foods to Avoid With Dental Implants

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Getting dental implants is a procedure that requires time and finances. Dental implants are great because they help patients eat all sorts of nutritious food again, allowing up to 90% of their natural teeth chewing ability. They especially provide relief to people who switch to implants after having dentures, which provide only 20% of the … Read more

Will teeth whitening work with dental fillings?

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Research has shown that people want a whiter smile. In fact, more than 80% of people ages 18 to 49 want to achieve a brighter and whiter smile. Discoloration occurs due to the natural aging process. In addition to aging, your diet and oral hygiene routine. An effective way to improve the look of your … Read more

5 Key Facts About Dental Implants

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Did you know dental implants have the highest success rate among oral healthcare surgeries? As a permanent solution to missing or broken teeth, dental implants are a must-have for patients with deteriorating oral health. They attach permanently to your teeth using small posts fused to your jawbone. Crowns are made to look and feel just … Read more

How Dental Bonding Can Repair Teeth

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Dental bonding proves a great option for patients looking to make minor dental improvements. Or for those who want to feel confident in their smiles without having to undergo a more extensive procedure. Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that can improve the appearance and health of your teeth, without affecting your budget or your … Read more

How to Care for Dental Crowns

concept of how to care for dental crowns

Dental crowns can help preserve your natural teeth, and enhance your mouth’s function by covering up cracks, breaks, and gaps in your mouth. Dental crowns can be used to save money on expensive repairs and prevent irreversible damage. Patients who visit their dentist in Rialto love this procedure as the results can last for many … Read more

Worst Foods for Staining Teeth

concept of worst foods for staining teeth

Having the opportunity to savor good food and drink with family and friends is one of the joys of life. Unfortunately, many of these same foods stain your teeth, creating lasting discoloration. Let’s see the worst foods for staining teeth. Worst Foods for Staining Teeth The good news is there are ways you can enjoy … Read more

How Veneers Make You More Confident

concept image of man with veneers so more confident

Veneers are the pinnacle of cosmetic dentistry in Rialto. They offer the opportunity to completely transform your smile, and modern veneers require minimal changes to your natural teeth. If you have spent your life hiding your smile, then veneers could be your ticket to a more confident version of yourself. How Veneers Make You More … Read more