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5 Key Facts About Dental Implants

Did you know dental implants have the highest success rate among oral healthcare surgeries? As a permanent solution to missing or broken teeth, dental implants are a must-have for patients with deteriorating oral health. They attach permanently to your teeth using small posts fused to your jawbone. Crowns are made to look and feel just like the rest of your teeth, fitting perfectly into your mouth. After you heal, you won’t even notice that your implants aren’t real. Below we look at 5 key facts about dental implants.

5 Key Facts About Dental Implants

Today, your dentist in Rialto will discuss the top 5 key facts about dental implants that you should know before investing in your next restorative dentistry procedure. Reach out to our experts for more information about our personalized care plans.

Dental Implants Allow You to Eat Once Again

A major symptom of missing or broken teeth is the inability to eat all of your favorite foods. You might find it too difficult to chew hard or crunchy items, forcing you to consume soft foods so you don’t hurt your teeth. Dental implants are like a brand-new pair of chompers, allowing you to chow down on all the ingredients you miss the most. Just be careful when eating hard substances, as your implants are just as susceptible to damage as your natural teeth.

Keep Your Natural Teeth Protected

You might have lost your teeth due to a physical injury or medical illness. While dental implants do not treat underlying cases of infection or disease, they can stop certain symptoms from spreading even further. Dental implants offer a solid structure that acts as a shield against your more vulnerable teeth, keeping your entire mouth strong. Just don’t forget that dental implants need to be washed and cleaned just like your natural teeth, which means you should be brushing them at least twice per day. You can floss your dental implants as well.

You Can Earn Aesthetic Benefits

Many patients opt for dental implant surgery to improve their oral health, reduce symptoms of pain, and stop the spread of decay. But there are additional underlying issues that dental implants can also keep at bay. As an example, the bone mass in your jaw can weaken and eventually shrink if it is not supporting a tooth structure. This will cause your face to cave in, literally changing its shape. Make sure you retain the aesthetics you want by investing in dental implants as early as you can.

Speak, Smile, and Breathe More Confidently

Missing and broken teeth can cause you to struggle when performing certain daily tasks. Something as simple as eating, chewing, talking, or even smiling can become very difficult when missing teeth prevent you from doing so comfortably. Give yourself another chance to express yourself with dental implants, which restore full functionality to your mouth.

Get Customized Dental Care

Dental implants are built in a laboratory and are made to fit the exact specifications of each patient. Whether you have one or more missing teeth, you can get one or more dental implants to fill in those gaps and build up strong structural support. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why patients continue to visit us is that restorative dentistry is a highly customizable experience.

Find the Perfect Pair of Implants in Rialto

Looking for affordable and personalized dental implants in Rialto? Look no further! Our friendly dental experts can help you find the perfect treatment for your broken or missing teeth. The longer you wait to seek expert care, the more difficult it can be to treat your growing symptoms. Reach out to us ASAP to schedule your restorative dentistry appointment.

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