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How Veneers Make You More Confident

Veneers are the pinnacle of cosmetic dentistry in Rialto. They offer the opportunity to completely transform your smile, and modern veneers require minimal changes to your natural teeth. If you have spent your life hiding your smile, then veneers could be your ticket to a more confident version of yourself.

How Veneers Make You More Confident

Dental veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that are designed to cover your natural teeth. Each shell is painstakingly made to copy the look of a real, perfect tooth. When your dentist is done fixing them in place, it’s virtually impossible for someone else to tell that the veneer isn’t your real tooth.

What Cosmetic Problems Can Veneers Address?

Veneers are unique in the fact that they aren’t necessarily limited by your natural teeth. Are you getting a full set of veneers? Then the only cosmetic problem they can’t address on their own is a missing tooth.

Veneers are regularly used to fix the appearance of:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Even if you don’t like the size or general shape of your smile, a full set of veneers can be carefully manipulated to completely redesign your smile to your liking.

How Are Veneers Installed?

When you get your veneers in Rialto, the installation process will vary somewhat depending on the type of veneer you choose and the current condition of your teeth.

Some veneer types require your dentist to remove more of your existing tooth to make the veneer look more natural. However, it is far more common for modern veneers to require very little shaving or resurfacing of the natural teeth.

First your dentist will shape your teeth accordingly. Then they will etch the surface of each tooth to create grip. This allows the dental adhesive to hold the veneers permanently in place. Before attaching your veneers, your dentist will confirm the shape and shade of the veneers. It will always based on what you agreed to during previous appointments.

As long as everything is confirmed, all your dentist has to do is adhere the veneers to your natural teeth and make small adjustments to their shape to create the perfect smile.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

The longevity of your veneers will be determined by the material you choose and the level of care that you take with your veneers. Generally speaking, composite resin veneers last between four and eight years with a regular dental hygiene routine. Porcelain veneers easily last ten to twelve with proper care.

Proper care includes following a regular dental hygiene routine, visiting your dentist every six months, avoiding biting down on particularly hard items, and taking steps to reduce staining. The one downside of veneers is that resin and porcelain do not respond to whitening treatments.

Why Do Veneers Give You Such a Confidence Boost?

It isn’t difficult to understand how veneers provide such a boost in your daily confidence. Our society prizes big, healthy, white smiles and correlates them with a whole host of positive attributes. Friendliness, responsibility, youth, and attractiveness are just a few of the attributes that we, as a nation, tend to attach to beautiful smiles.

Has your smile has been damaged or turned out less than perfect in some other way? You feel the full brunt of the negative associations that naturally come along with that imperfection. For someone who has practiced smiling without showing their teeth for years, the freedom to smile without a second thought can be incredibly empowering.

It might sound odd to attribute confidence to a cosmetic dental procedure. But the honest truth is that veneers provide social capital and a level of easy acceptance that is hard to deny.

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