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3 Foods to Avoid After Dental Filling Treatment

Whenever your dentist discovers that you have a cavity, you will be told that you need a filling treatment right away. This procedure involves the use of a small drill to clear out the cavity where decay and bacteria have formed. After getting rid of the harmful materials, this now-empty cavity is filled with a composite filling material. Not only does this protect the structure of your teeth, but it also prevents the further spread of decay through that channel. Let’s look at 3 foods to avoid after dental filling treatment.

3 Foods to Avoid After Dental Filling Treatment

Most patients who visit their dentist in Rialto are familiar enough with the filling process. However, not a lot of people know about some of the best aftercare treatments following the treatment. Below, we are going to talk about the top 3 foods to avoid after dental filling treatment to ensure the results of your filling last for many years to come.

Stop Chewing Sticky Foods

Some of the most addicting treats and food items in the world are sticky with sugar and other types of syrupy substances. Unfortunately, it might be best for you to slow down on the sticky stuff for a while until you are fully healed. Sticky foods, like chewing gum and gel candies, can stick to the teeth. But they also push sugar under the protective outer layers of your teeth. This can cause the spread of bacteria and decay once again. Doing so reverses the repair work that was just done on your tooth.

Avoid Chewy Foods

Similar to sticky stuff, chewy foods should also be avoided for a while. This can include things like meat jerky, chewy candy, pizza crust, hard bread, and other things that might be a bit tough to chew on. Try sticking to a diet of soft foods for a while. The goal: to give your mouth an easy time while you allow the fillings to fully set in. Not to mention, you may be numb from the topical anesthesia for a few hours following your treatment. So it remains a good idea not to chew anything on that side of your mouth. Wait until the numbing has fully subsided.

Hard Foods

The biggest culprit of broken, chipped, or cracked teeth are hard foods. This can include something like nuts, candy, raw fruits and vegetables, and chips. While many delicious food items are made this way, you shouldn’t be chewing on them for a while. Hard foods can do a lot more harm than good when your teeth are in a sensitive state. Are you not sure what kinds of foods you should be eating while you recover from your dental fillings? Get in touch with your trusted dentist right away!

Approved Foods to Try Out

It is better to focus on what you can eat after getting fillings. There is still a wide range of options available to you while you recover from your in-office treatment. Some of our patients’ favorite items include smoothies, shakes, soups, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products. You should try and stock up on some of your favorite soft foods to give your mouth an easy time for as long as you possibly can.

Get Top Notch Fillings in Rialto Today

Whether or not you have had fillings before, you can learn all about the big advantages of this treatment when you get in touch with your Rialto dentists today. We offer a number of filling types as well as a step-by-step plan of care to help you understand exactly what you can and can’t eat following your dental filling in Rialto. Contact our friendly experts to schedule a personal consultation and visit us in our nearby offices for top-notch treatment.

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