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5 Reasons to Schedule Regular Dental Exams

To receive the best preventative dental care, it is essential to have your teeth checked. Patients who are able to visit their dentist once or twice a year for a regular checkup have much healthier prospects for longer periods of time. You don’t have to go to the dentist all the time if there aren’t any oral health problems or if your dentist doesn’t find any cancer or infection in your mouth, but it is still a good idea to go every so often for a few reasons. Let’s look at 5 reasons to schedule regular dental exams.

5 Reasons to Schedule Regular Dental Exams

In fact, our Baseline Dental cosmetic dentist wants you to know about 5 reasons to schedule regular dental exams ASAP. Whether you are in need of dental treatment or your teeth are in tip-top shape, you should sign up for treatment all the same.

Treat Problems Before They Become Serious

You can let your dental health deteriorate if you wait too long to get the proper type of dental care. Regular check-ups with trusted dentists and dental specialists are a smart idea for anyone looking to stop decay in its tracks. They will assess your dental health and help you to find the best way to maintain good hygiene. To ensure consistent preventative care, it is recommended you see your dentist at least every six months.

Treat Your Gums, Not Just Your Teeth

Gum health is important for maintaining good oral hygiene, keeping your teeth in great shape, and preventing infection. The dentist will inspect your teeth and examine them for signs of infection. To check for signs of gum disease, special tools are used to gently scale your gums.

While examining your gums, the dentist will inspect you for signs such as swelling, bleeding, or redness, which could all be symptoms of gingivitis. As the earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis can be treated before it turns into something worse.

Feel Refreshed By a Professional Deep Clean

The final part of your appointment will include a deep cleaning. This is the most anticipated portion of your appointment. Patients love to pick their toothpaste flavor and then relax while their teeth are treated with a spa treatment.

This type of dental cleaning could include:

  • Removing tartar and plaque from your teeth with dental tools
  • Cleaning your teeth with powder and paste to remove all bacteria
  • Polishing your teeth to restore them to a healthy shine
  • Flossing between your teeth to get rid of any remaining particles

Preventing diseases can be done at home while waiting to visit the dentist for any updated results.

Detect Internal Problems with X-Rays

The initial part of the appointment will involve taking X-rays to examine your teeth and jaws. Although this will not cause pain, you will need to be still for a while with the device in your mouth. These images will enable the dentist to examine your gums and teeth to find out if any oral health problems exist.

Your dentist will perform a physical exam. He will use tools to clean plaque and bacteria off your teeth. Your teeth will then be polished and cleaned with a paste that will give them a pleasant taste for the rest of the day, helping you feel more confident about advocating for your health.

Get Inspired to Start a Daily Oral Health Routine

Your oral health regimen should include flossing and brushing. It is essential to create a schedule that suits you. Most patients are advised to brush twice a day: once at night and once in the morning. It is also recommended to floss at least once per day, particularly after you have eaten a meal.

While you can choose when it’s most convenient for you to take care of your dental health, it is essential that you do it every single day. It might be a good idea to brush your teeth after each meal and every time you consume sugary drinks.

Get Your Dental Exam Scheduled ASAP!

Prevention is the best treatment, as it can help protect your teeth from a variety of oral health problems. You can schedule your own personalized oral exam for preventative dentistry and deep cleaning when you call our experts today. Learn more by visiting us online and we will see you soon!

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